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Ease v. Worth

Ease v. Worth

I should have known

When you never made me feel like

writing poetry

When my dull frustration at your


Never made me, blind with rage,

Fly cursing into night

When I never looked at the dewy 

Light reflection of the sun off sharp grass blades

And thought of you

I should have known that I was worth leaving sooner.

The second anything was anything.

And I knew that whatever it had become had begun to tug me wrong

An ill-fitting shirt but I'd already left home.

The thoughts of running were thoughts of me in my car alone and 

in those moments I think

At least the biology of me did know.

Like a body knows the fibers of fabric that stretch 

Yearning to push forth

Visual wearing to warn

The easier stay is not easier.

The Trap

The Trap

How to Love and How to Sleep

How to Love and How to Sleep