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Silken Bird

Silken Bird

That morning

You looked out the the window

And swore a swan was perched

Eating your birdseed.

We laughed into the blooms of spring

As your spirit unraveled its spun silk

Into that invisible bird, still

Tethered, watching back through the pane,

Until the whole of you was ready.

A day closer to the summer solstice,

That woven fabric of grace

Shook the magnolia trees

And every fiber of every living thing

Pushed the spun silk web into flight.

We all have birds to let go of.

If you get the chance

To hold such a warm and wriggling life

In human hands, realize

It is just as precious as your fear.

Allow fingers to fall away from feathers

And watch the grace circles in the sky,

navigating from memory.

Trust the silken strings inside a bird

That have forever imprinted on home.

Window on the Bay

Window on the Bay

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