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Dizzy, Full of Grace

Dizzy, Full of Grace

I stretch my hands in front of me,

And beg the universe

For one full breath of sea air.

Grasping toward anything,

I spread my fingers and notice

Segments of life there

Between the grooves.

Smooth corners of rushing sea,

Sections dappled with trees and tiny houses,

Expanding up and out,

Connecting at the open sky.

Clouds hurry, as they do,

Toward all this peace.

And rain prickles my skin with that feeling:

Asleep, but waking up.

Wind whips my hair clear around my head,

And through a blessed veil

I see it all, now drenched

In grey, billowing frenzy.

As the storm charges toward the sea,

Finding its inevitable reunion,

I, in my own spun tangle,

Catch my breath.

Where the storm plunges into stillness,

I meet a being

Who is at once

Dizzy and full of Grace.

Loving Space for the Anxious Mind and Body

Loving Space for the Anxious Mind and Body

Sun Drinker

Sun Drinker